That's me – Patrick

Just Human Design matters

I believe in the power of visual communication. The way we see and perceive the world is unique – at the same time it's a common ability of nearly all people. How we see colors, forms and textures is physically equal.

With the experience of my milestones in Germany, Brazil and Switzerland, I create designs which are motivated by human-centered processes. This requires empathy, structured analysis and many attempts.

At the end, I believe in human design:
Made by human for human


I can offer you a decade of experience:
Motivated and Professional

Since 2007 I am creating designs for digital applications. Started with community designs and single graphics I had the chance to observe different trends and changes in interface design. That's why I can offer you more than 10 years of motivated design experience.

Since 2011 I am collecting professional experience: Organization, interaction with clients and milestones and delivery of digital content. Adding professional experience through my study program offered me insights into brand, design principles, design research and more detailed knowledge in digital design.